Photoschool special skills

Photoschool adapts perfectly to different software used by french's schools to manage their students. Photoschool exports images to 11 management tools and administration used daily by different institutions.

Among these software, we can identify :

  • Aplon,
  • Pronote,
  • Libellule,
  • Molière,
  • Charlemagne,
  • Notabene,
  • Vie scolaire,
  • Sconet,
  • Campus,
  • Internote,
  • Scolaris.

It facilitates the creation of badges, labels or gallery directories for your customers institutions.


Photoschool IBM / Dell appliance

APPLIANCE Proschool of ATONIS Technologies is a complete print server to control your printJob.

The appliance is available on multiple hardware solutions.

Today Proschool Appliance comes in two families Servers,

  • Double version with the manufacturer Dell (2 servers are supplied, so you can always be operational)
  • Power version with the manufacturer IBM, for Proschool rack version.


We can also integrate solutions on HP, NEC ... or other manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us.

The appliance Photoschool Laboratory is IBM partner.


Documentation to download

Photoschool Brochure


Phone : +33(0)4 66 26 34 88